Impakter Path to Sustainability

The story of Impakter and ImpakterUP can be summarized in the most classic way: stay in the game.

We started Impakter in 2014 as a magazine with the intent to connect key decision makers with the new generations. One thing stood out for us: Change our future.

With a sustainable future in mind, our founder had already, back in those years, begun to develop a folder on Gdrive with documents aimed at helping other founders like him to succeed. So he passed this folder around to those seeking to have an impact on our world.

Last October a new challenge arose: How to boost or uptick companies like Impakter. Informing founders is a first good step, arming them with valuable documents is another but matching them with key investors is the required step to make an impact.

An "Uptick" is a financial term aimed at defining a positive movement in a company. ImpakterUP is that positive platform that will boost companies and investors plus get them to network at selected events whenever possible - another way to gain exposure.

We hope you enjoy this platform and make the most out of it.


***Note: current version 1.1.3