Empower the 17 SDGs

The UN rolled out the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help the world become sustainable.

A key goal is number 17:

Partnership for the goals.

We have created this section for United Nations Agency, Institutes, NGO and large company to get involved in boosting the innovators of the future.

Organizations can post events, jobs and get to know the community. Create your profile and get involved.

How can I join as an Organisation?

Just signup. If you are a UN organization we will need to verify you.

Can I create a partnership with anyone on the platform?

You must.

Can I create events?

Absolutely, the event button is on your organization profile and on the event section.

Can I create a job post?

As many as you like.

What type of partnership can I do with Impakter?

We have a magazine (communication) and this platform. So do get in touch with one of our team members and let get the ball rolling.