Time to Boost Your Team

Finding the right candidate with the right culture fit is complicated. When you post a job on this platform, you can be certain that the person is very much likely to be interested in your values and mission. 

Find great candidate or future team member, just start posting your vacancies, it is free and you can share them on social media. 

Here below are some questions answered that could help you out.

Candidates & Employers: What are the rules for using ImpakterUP job section?

Please be mindful of others. Be specific in your job posts and keep it consistent.

Candidates: How do I look for jobs?

Only if you are a registered user, either as Company, Investor, Organisation or Guest User.

Candidates: How can I be sure an employer received my application / résumé?

You will be given the correct email to apply to. Just be patient and the employer will surely get back to you.

Employers: How will I be notified about interested candidates?

If you have provided an email address to your job post, the candidate will send you all his information there.

Employers: How can I require a note or cover letter from candidates?

Please do specify it in your job post.

Employers: How can I get more visibility for my jobs?

We currently do not offer promoted jobs on the site but via newsletter only. Contact us for more information. We have specific rates for your job post to acquire more visibility.

Employers: How can I edit, unpublish, or delete a job?

On your business profile you will see a Job tab. You will find the job post you created and the Edit/Delete button on the right hand-side.


Startups: Can I use ImpakterUP in Europe?

Yes, ImpakterUP is a global platform.

Startups: Can I publicly announce I’m raising money?

Yes you can. Your pitch profile will be available for all investors to see. We recommend you focus on where your message will be well received. Ideally LinkedIn (profile, groups), Twitter. Other options are available at your own discretion.

Startups: Can I hire through Impakter?

You can hire anyone you see fit. It is free.