Boost Your Deal Flow

We created this platform to boost your investment deal flow and save you time during your investment process. We do this through our "Pitch" investment process that acts as a pre-due-diligence tool.

Essentially, you will be able to use multiple data point in order to engage with the right startup and get straight to the point from the first meeting.

Our founder was in banking and he applied the same idea of "meet, propose, close". All in the space of 3 meetings. This might not be entirely applicable in a VC environment, but we sure can get as close as we can in order to focus on key milestones and results.

Is this a Beta version?

Yes it is and we will improve it, please keep sending your feedback in.

How to create a profile?

Just signup with your name and surname and the fill in your company details.

How can see Pitch?

First, register for free for 48h to test the platform (limited functionality of course) or choose one of the packages (Pitch page) and then you are set to use the Startup section.

What’s an accredited investor? 

All investors must be verified by us. This means that once you have applied to be an investor we will check your details and confirm or reject your application.

What type of investor can join the platform?

Here is a simple list: Venture capitalist, mini vc, impact investors, business angels, business angels group, corporate venture capitalist (CVC), family office, institutional investors, government lead investors, accelerators, incubators.

How does Impakter evaluate a company?

We verify companies based on the accuracy of their pitch. The more accurate, the higher the evaluation (A+,A, B+, B, C+, C or to review).

When can I expect to have the call with IMPAKTER Team?

Once signed up to IMPAKTER UP via one of our 3 programs, a member from Impakter Team that focuses on your geographical area will be in touch.

How does the “Know Your Client” (KYC) process work?

During our onboarding call, we will run you through a series of questions in order to determine what you are looking for. This will help the team member assigned to you to deliver a Monday Morning Deal Flow report.

What’s the Monday Morning Deal Flow Report?

Every Monday we will aim to deliver in your inbox a list of selected investment opportunities that matches your criteria. Ideally, this will happen before your Partners meeting.

How can I partner up with Impakter?

Partnerships with Impakter are available for:

  • IMPAKTER UP Partner and sponsors opportunity
  • our invite-only Impakter Summit in Rome during the UN week
  • Impakter Magazine (content, communication and special project)

More partnership opportunities are coming up soon, keep an eye out for them. Please connect without team via partners [at] impakter dot com.