Welcome to ImpakterUP!

Now, this platform is aimed at accelerating your fundraising process as well as acting as a health check in regards to your investment readiness.

Furthermore, we want to help you build your team, so you post your vacancies for free. Another key element of running a startup is networking so you will always find the latest event or competition that are key for you.

GET STARTED - Quick Facts

How to PITCH investors?

To fill in the pitch it may take up to 20min.

This is a pre-due-diligence process, it is the data that investors are looking for.

Why should I answer these many questions?

This is not just a good health check on your investment readiness but it should prepare for your future.

I cannot answer all the questions, is that ok?

Yes, make sure you have at least a pitch ready, impacts ready and why. 

I have not sold a single product/service, how can I add financial details?

A Profit and Loss forecast is how you tell your vision of growth and success to investors.

I pressed publish, now what?

We will see it in and verify it for you unless you have requested to not be verified at all. Takes 2-3 days based on the number of applications.

How do I use ImpakterUP to raise money?

You can add your startup information in the pitch section. There you will be presented with the option to have it verified. This helps investors identify those startups that have completed their pitch according to their investment requirements.

How do I contact investors?

There are two ways. The first one is using the investor list. The second one is by getting verified and letting our team deliver your pitch to the appropriate investors.

Which access levels does Impakter have for investors?

All investors have been hand picked by our team. All have go through a call whereby we  have assessed their investment thesis. The call is known as a “Know Your Client” (KYC) process where we identify their investment requirements (industry, geolocation, investment round and much more).

What is the benefit of having your startup pitch verified?

Time. It will save time to you and investors when reaching a deal. In many cases, you will have to run half a dozen meetings or more before getting anywhere.

This costs money to you and investors.

A verified profile ensures the quality of data and cuts the due diligence process so your first meeting will help you get right into it.

Is this a Beta version?

Yes it is and we will improve it, please keep sending your feedback in.

If my company has pivoted, what should I do with my startup profile?

Upload a new one. You will need to be verified again.

How can I delete a startup profile I created?

Simply delete your account using the main delete button found on your account.

How do you keep my data safe?

Your profile and company profile are not indexed on Google. Your pitch is not indexed on Google. Only jobs and events

You can delete everything forever without any data kept by us.

How do I prevent anyone from stealing my idea?

Only investors that are verified can view your pitch.

This is a risk you have to be willing to take. An idea is not just something on paper (code/built) but also yourself and your team. Keep that in mind.

What does Current and Previous Investors mean?

Who has invested in the current and past rounds

How many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals should I select?

Be as precise as you can. We have noticed via our SDGs Business model canvas that most companies will have 3 core SDGs and one or two additional ones for each core.

How many impacts can I select?

Well if your company has an impact on society, on the economy and on the environment, then select all three.

However, again, be as specific as you can. This is not a numbers game, but a precision process.

If I have certificates, can I upload them?

Yes absolutely and add the link to the website or to a document for the investors to review them.

I made a video, where do I upload it?

You can upload it on your business profile and on your pitch.

Please note that Youtube or Vimeo are the ideal platforms to use for your video.

Verified Companies

What is a Verified Company, and how does it work?

In order to be verified, you have to submit a request to IMPAKTER Team during your pitch process. This carries a fee as we need to check that the details you provided are correct.

Why should I use the verification process instead?

The verification process allows you to have a health check on your company’s investment readiness. An investor will likely be more interested in companies that take the extra step.

Can an Impakter Team Member help me with my Verified account?

Sure we can. We will evaluate your pitch and give you feedback as needed.

Being verified means that you evaluate our business model?

No, we do not evaluate your business model, we help you with the fund-raising process. We do an evaluation of the information provided, from evaluating the terminology used to the correct documentation provided and even check if the law firm you provided meets the requirements.

How long does the verified account last for?

It lasts for 6 months. Startups evolve very fast and we need to keep the pace, so does your documents. To ensure top execution we need to have you checked with updated documentation every 6 months. Not a major requirement but a must.

What is the aim of this platform?

The aim is to make everyone save time and get down to business.