How it works?

ImpakterUP - How to

ImpakterUP matching platform is an inclusive solution by IMPAKTER which is aimed at boosting the ecosystem focused on the sustainable projects that have a tangible impact. 

In this platform, you will be able to find great companies, investors, jobs, and events that revolve around key actors in building a sustainable future.

All entities will have the ability to interact and connect around the following key areas:


This section is dedicated to companies looking to raise funds or joining the community. Once registered as a user, you will be able to register your company and access the pitch section.



We have created the Pitch process in line with key elements that investors are looking for when investing in companies. In fact, our process can be considered a pre-due-diligence process.

This is aimed to save time and accelerate the investment process.

Note: Yes it will take 20min to complete but will save you time in the long run.


The world is asking for actions and solutions to save our planet. From edtech to agritech, we are seeing great innovators rising to the challenge. We are connecting you to them in a fast and time-saving manner, so you can get down to business and generate impact.


Time and data are at the forefront of the pitching tool we built. We asked many investors about the key elements that they are looking in a company before investing. We also asked the pain points in the process. This tool aims to answer that. 

You will be able to filter companies by industry, location, investment round, impact, SDGs, verified/non verified. More filters are available.

The pitch contains up to 60 key data points. From the actual pitch itself, cap-tables, P&L and even down to which law or accounting firm they are using.

Monday Morning Deal Flow Report

We inherit this from our founder experience in asset management in London. Let's give you a report on the latest deals available within your investment mandate. We will aim to deliver this just in time for your partner's meeting. 

This option is available for those signing up to our Gold and Platinum verified investors only.

These packages will require you to have a 1-2-1 call with our investor manager where a simple questionnaire will help us generate a more focused deal flow report.


In order to access the pitch section, you will be able to purchase a package:

- Silver (1 month)

- Gold (6 Months subscription)

- Platinum (1 Yr )

Investor Newsletter

You will receive a weekly newsletter with our pick of the week in terms of startup, events, and news. This is curated content comes from all our team members (America, EMEA, Asia). Enjoy it!




Networking is part of the path to generating impact.

A key part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goal is aimed at Partnership. What better way to fulfill this goal y attending events relevant to your company.

Impakter team has selected the best of the bunch and we update this list on a daily basis. 

Get involved now!