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Hydrocube.org Canada

Are you interested in working on technologies related to climate change mitigation and adaptation?  Come and work with us.  We are looking preferably for engineers and scientists located within Canada. 

If working from anywhere within Canada, and you keep a detailed logbook as required by us, you will be eligible for an individual SRED refundable tax credit at up to 50% of your fair market salary  This rebate will come in once at the end of each year.  You do have to declare the full amount of your fair market salary for tax purposes.  We pay you the full salary but you are required to immediately pay back the remainder after the rebate.  This is 100% legal.  The remainder of your salary will be credited towards sharing revenues from any patented inventions we license out based on your work. 

A 10% tax on all worldwide royalty revenues will be subtracted before distribution to the creators, to pay for patent maintenance, litigation and enforcement.  This tax may increase in future.

If you are not located in Canada, we cannot unfortunately offer you an individual rebate, but you will be credited for the revenue sharing if we patent and license your idea, and also all volunteers performing more than 10 hours of work a month are entitled to free membership in our organization which carries voting rights and other benefits.

Contact us today if you are interested in working in this pressing area of scientific research and experimental development.

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  • Primary Role Volunteer Role
  • Type of Job Co-Founder
  • Annual Range $0 — $ 20,000
  • Min. Experience0 Yr
  • Ideal Work Experience Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science required
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