Intuitive Informatics Projects

Fundraising Assistent

  • Belgium
  • AvailabilityIntern
  • Experience0 Years
  • Equity0% — 10%


Intuitive Informatics Projects Belgium

The value we wish to bring is to start from nothing and develop original technological solutions. We base our research and projects on the principles of open-source publication, academic freedom, and reproducible research. Our recruitment emphasizes favoring people with intrinsic motivation and ethical integrity.

We are searching for an individual to join our organization who has the capability and experience of applying for investments and grants for the non-profit. The partnership would be based on a position on the board and equal pay to the primary founder, after a trial period.

Our organization is in the phase of research and development and we are currently based in Leuven, a small university town of Belgium, known for K.U. Leuven, Europe's most innovative university.

  • fundraising
  • event organization
  • Primary Role Internship
  • Type of Job Intern
  • Annual Range $0 — $ 20,000
  • Min. Experience0 Yr
  • Ideal Work Experience Learn about various fundraising strategies for non-profit organizations and gain working experience.
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