Our Mission

The story of IMPAKTER and IMPAKTER UP can be summarized in the most classic way: We started Impakter in 2014 as a magazine with the intent to connect key decision-makers with the new generations. One thing stood out for us: change our future.

The story

With a sustainable future in mind our founder had already, back in those years, begun to develop a folder on Gdrive with documents aimed at helping other founders like him to succeed. So he passed this folder around to those seeking to have an impact on our world. Last October a new challenge arose: How to boost or uptick companies like Impakter. Informing founders is a first good step, arming them with valuable documents is another but matching them with key investors & key stakeholders is the required step to make an impact.

Why UP

The name we chose is based on the word “uptick”, a financial term aimed at defining a positive movement in a company. IMPAKTER UP is that positive platform that will boost sustainable startups & companies.


IMPAKTER platform was built to empower consumers to live a sustainable lifestyle. Giving them the opportunity to not only live it but to vote everyday with their wallet. IMPAKTER is designed to help expand eco-consciousness and social responsibility among consumers, businesses and investors.

eco products

A global platform that empowers sustainability: news, articles, startups, and creators. Impakter informs and inspires (MEDIA); it promotes green innovation (UP for financing startups); it builds trust in consumers and investors through its independent certification system (INDEX); and it gives everyone, consumers and business concerned with sustainability and social justice a chance to live a sustainable lifestyle (ECO marketplace).

Inform about sustainability by bridging the gap between knowledge hub and the public

since 2014, we informs and inspires while providing experts with a key place to make themselves heard, exchange information and share their knowledge with the public. In times of fake news, IMPAKTER acts as a safe harbour for data-driven knowledge transfer.

Boost sustainability by matching sustainable companies with investors and key stakeholders.

Our business hub was created in 2018 during the UN SDGs Finance event in Geneve with the aim to bring together SDGs focused startups,  like-minded impact investors and industry experts. It acts as a booster for green business and supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through special communication and training tools (Impakter4Business)

Evaluate sustainability: A transparent index by the People, for our Planet.

The IMPAKTER index is based on a large scale evaluation model built over the last 5yrs. It keeps on board only the best and most reputable and reliable sustainability rating systems (labels, certificates, indices) and taking into account news and market updates as well as consumer feedback from Impakter ECO marketplace. The objective is: ensure full transparency and avoid greenwashing.

Empower sustainability: One-stop online shop for sustainable products

The Eco marketplace for sustainable products was an idea born back in 2015 during the conception of IMPAKTER Index. ECO: Online marketplace for sustainable products verified by the Impakter INDEX (only products rated A and B are sold in the market).